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Big Dog Hunting, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin based company designs and manufactures top quality treestands, ground blinds and hunting accessories. With ALL of our products and designs, we maintain a laser focus on safety and comfort with a strong commitment to value.

Our industry leading products, focus on innovation and spotless safety record allow Big Dog the opportunity to be one of the top Treestand and Hunting accessory manufacturers in the US. Always tested to TMA and NSTM standards and trusted by industry experts everywhere, you can be confident that you will be safe and comfortable in your Big Dog stand all season long.

The Big Dog Hunting Team


The Big Dog Hunting team is extremely happy to announce the recent acquisition of the Advanced “Take-Down” Treestands product line!  With a revolutionary three-piece design and a patented Integrated Ratcheting system, it’s never been easier to hang your treestand.  The beauty of the 3-piece design is that you hang only the stem of the stand.  The stem is much lighter than the complete stand and much more manageable.  Advanced Treestands……REINVENTING THE WAY TOO HANG A TREESTAND.  Check out the website at www.advancedtreestands.com or check back with Big Dog Hunting for updates on the complete lineup of Big Dog and Advanced Treestands.


Thank you for your patronage and loyalty to Big Dog and Happy Hunting!

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When the blinds up you can move around in the stand, stretch your legs without being seen by the deer. A huge plus to me.

January 3, 2017

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